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Workspace Best Practices

Workspace etiquette blog

If you're new to coworking, or just to our space, here's a guide to etiquette and best practices so you and your fellow coworkers can all have a positive and productive experience. (Hint: You probably already learned most of this before 3rd grade.)

What is Coworking, and Why Should You Care?

Shared space 2 CROP

In this post we provide an overview of Coworking's background and growth in non-urban markets, share insight into who uses coworking spaces, and explore how the relationship between Coworking and entrepreneurship is particularly relevant to Cape Cod.

Ebb and Flow Covers Chatham Works

Attitudes towards both fitness and work are changing. And Chatham Works - a brand new 10,000 sq. ft. combination Fitness Center + Coworking Space + Retail Shop opening in June - is designed around these new approaches to exercise and productivity.

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