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Coworking Comparison

Coworking 101

Even in normal times, Coworking offers a number of compelling advantages relative to various alternative workspace options, as shown in the chart above. "Coworking" (i.e, shared, flexible office space) has grown dramatically in urban markets over the last 5+ years. More recently it has even been gaining a foothold in non-urban markets.

Our view is that the core benefits of Coworking - convenience, flexibility, affordability, enhanced productivity, and the opportunity for social interaction - resonate in just about any market. (Click here for some additional background on Coworking and why we think it's a great fit for the Lower Cape.)

Coworking & COVID

The fallout from COVID has made spaces like ours an even more essential resource for many knowledge workers. With many offices still closed or operating on a limited basis, a lot of households are struggling with the challenge of having parents and children all work and learn under the same roof.

If this sounds familiar, then our space might be just what you're looking for. We offer a clean, quiet, minimalist environment with super fast and reliable internet, plus all of the other basic amenities you'd hope to find in a professional workspace. And as an added bonus, you'll also have a fantastic gym right downstairs. Win / Win / Win.

So if you're finding it a challenge to maintain your sanity and/or your productivity, we're confident that you'll find our space to be a welcoming refuge!

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