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Myzone's heart rate monitoring system makes fitness more fun, and helps you workout smarter and more efficiently

Chatham Works is proud to be one of only a handful of fitness centers on Cape Cod that offers Myzone, and we're the only Myzone equipped facility on the Lower Cape.

Myzone is a chest mounted heart-rate monitoring belt that's 99.4% as accurate as a medical grade EKG ... and far more accurate than any wrist based heart rate monitor.

Your can see your data "real-time" on large screen TV's we have in our facility, or by having your belt wirelessly paired to the Myzone app on your phone. Your data is also uploaded to the cloud so you can see it later on the app or Myzone's web-based dashboard. And it's an open system that integrates with platforms like Apple Health and Google Fit, and can be paired to just about any piece of cardio equipment that displays your heart rate.

As you workout, the system awards you Myzone Effort Points ("MEPs") based on your workout data. And because Myzone is an intelligent system that automatically calibrates to each individual user, MEPs are rewarded based on your actual effort, rather than fitness level. This creates a level playing field that makes it possible for users with completely different fitness levels to compete with each other - either informally, or in gamified challenges.

The experience of being rewarded points as you workout based on your own effort level can prove to be a surprisingly powerful motivator. We've had more than a few members who were initially skeptical about Myzone quickly turn into devout converts!

Myzone at Chatham Works

Every new annual THE WORKS member gets a Myzone MZ-1 belt when they join. Or you have the option of upgrading to the MZ-3 belt for $65.

The MZ-3 features built-in memory that can record up to 16 hours of workout data, an internal battery, is more waterproof than the MZ-1, and beeps when it turns on or off.

(Note that the MZ-1 *must* be paired to either one of our in-facility receivers OR the Myzone app on your phone in order for your data to be recorded!)

We also sell the MZ-1 for $60, and the MZ-3 for $125.

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