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Your Team

Unlike many other fitness businesses, we take a team-based approach to serving our members.

We're confident that you won't find a wider or deeper pool of experience, talent, and expertise related to fitness anywhere on Cape Cod. From Yoga and mindfulness to endurance sports to weight training and athletic conditioning, we have you covered.

But just as importantly, we believe you'll find that every single member of our team is a genuinely good person who truly cares about helping to make sure you enjoy - and get the most out of - the time you dedicate to yourself by coming into our building.

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Lindsay Garre Bierwirth Owner / Manager

Lindsay is a Chatham native and former elementary school teacher and administrator. She and Fred started Chatham Works to pursue their shared desire to create something amazing in a place they both love.


Fred Bierwirth Owner / Manager

Fred grew up in New Jersey but has spent most of his life in Massachusetts. He and Lindsay started Chatham Works to pursue their shared desire to create something amazing in a place they both love.


Barbara Blackwell Certified Nutrition Specialist, PT

Barbara’s extensive experience as a Physical Therapist imparts a medical base of knowledge that greatly enhances her understanding of the critical role nutrition that plays in overall health and well being.


Patrick Clancy Yoga Instructor

Yoga has made a profound impact on Patrick's life, and he gets great joy from sharing what he has learned with his students.

John G

John Gill Personal Trainer

A former Pro wrestler (and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet), John has earned a reputation as one of the very best Personal Trainers on Cape Cod (and beyond).


Victor Johnson Yoga Instructor

Our resident "Viking Yogi", Victor's stature belies his gentle approach to his practice.


Amy Latham Functional Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Amy is an amazing Yoga Instructor as well as an immensely talented Physical Therapist. She's also a really great person.

Jenn P

Jennifer Plusch Yoga Instructor

Jen's quiet confidence and groundedness coupled with her non-judgmental approach make practicing with her a true joy for both experienced yogis and neophytes alike.


Taryn Ritchie Personal Trainer, Spinning & Barre Instructor

Taryn has an extensive fitness/athletics background and education, a ton of energy, and a fantastic attitude!


Terry Shea Walsh Personal Trainer & Spinning, Barre, and Yoga Instructor

Terry is an accomplished athlete, a highly skilled instructor and trainer, and an all-round fantastic person.

Pam S

Pam Smith Indoor Cycling & Group Exercise Instructor

Pam has built a loyal following for her fun and challenging but approachable classes over her almost 15 years as an instructor here on the Cape.


Eduardo Ugaz Indoor Cycling & Group Exercise Instructor

Eduardo's boundless energy and jovial good nature are sure to keep you moving and smiling!

Jess beach

Jess Whalen Personal Trainer, Yoga & Group Exercise Instructor

A Cape native, Jess's professional fitness education spans a wide range, from Yoga to CrossFit. In addition to her extensive knowledge base, she also has a great attitude and a relentless work ethic.


Marie Senno Group Exercise Instructor

Marie has been working in the fitness world for nearly two decades, and has a deep love of fitness. She has a dance background, including training at the prestigious Alvin Alley Dance School in New York.


Emily Chun Front Desk Staff

A transplant from Maryland, Emily has now lived on the Cape for four years and is recently engaged!

Sam Cronin

Samantha Cronin Yoga Instructor

Samantha is a 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher as well as a Psychotherapist and Substance Abuse Counselor on Cape Cod.

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