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We were named Gold Medal Winner for Best Fitness/Exercise Center on the Lower Cape for 2020.

Exercise is Medicine

We believe that some of the best reasons to exercise have absolutely nothing to do with your appearance, and that a commitment to regular exercise should be a fixture in everyone’s lifestyle.

Short-term goals like losing weight and getting more toned are great motivations. But for many of us, the benefits we can feel - stronger, more self-confident, less stressed, better rested, greater mental focus, stronger immune system, greater mobility, and better overall health - make a much bigger difference in our lives than the benefits anyone might see.

But in order to reap the reap the benefits, you have to put in the work ... and do it consistently!

So we've worked hard to create a place where people will want to come exercise.

The area's premiere Fitness Center ...

Chatham Works offers:

★ A clean, bright, beautiful new building featuring tons of natural light and ventilation, and state of the art disinfection equipment.

★ Talented, dedicated, caring, and fun Trainers & Instructors.

★ Tons of fitness choices and variety, including Personal and Semi-Private Training, the area's largest number and variety of Group Exercise Classes, and a wide assortment of cardio, strength, and functional training equipment.

★ A genuinely fun, supportive environment.

★ A firm commitment to making the health and safety of our members and staff our A-1 priority, backed by a pledge of 100% transparency. (PS: While there are no guarantees in life, the real-world data overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that gyms have been among the very safest business settings over the past year.)

We also offer what we believe is the best overall fitness value on the Lower Cape. (Run the numbers yourself using our online cost comparison calculator!)

Our Approach to Fitness

Our offerings and our approach to fitness emphasize Functional Training, Group Exercise, and variety. Here’s why ...

Functional Training → Train Like You Move

Functional Training emphasizes compound exercises that are based on how we move our bodies in real life. It's ideally suited to adults who want to improve their overall fitness and conditioning, and lose weight. But it's also a staple in the training regimens of many elite and professional athletes.

Group Exercise → It's Better Together

Research has shown that people who regularly exercise in a social, group setting have greater success in improving key measures of their fitness, like enhancing their conditioning and losing weight. (Plus it's a lot more fun!)

Variety → Because Change is Good

Numerous studies have shown that having variety in fitness regimens leads to a stronger commitment to regular exercise, and helps people achieve better results faster. (Feel free to hammer away on the elliptical every time you come in, but just know that you don't have to!)
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