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2022 Best of Slim ratings

2022 (and 2021 & 2020) Gold Medal Winner for "Best Fitness/Exercise Center"

The Area's Premiere Fitness Center

Chatham Works proudly offers:

★ A clean, bright, beautiful new facility featuring abundant natural light and ventilation, and top of the line equipment.

Talented, dedicated, caring, and fun Trainers & Instructors.

Tons of fitness choices and variety, including:

  • The area's largest number and variety of Group Exercise Classes, including Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates, Zumba, Indoor Rowing, and our functional Team Training classes.
  • Personal & Semi-Private Training for clients looking to fast-track their progress.
  • A wide assortment of top quality cardio, strength, and functional training equipment.

★ A wide selection of fitness memberships and pricing options to meet different needs.

★ A genuinely fun, supportive environment with members ranging in age from 18 to 80+.

★ A firm commitment to the health and safety of our members and staff.

We believe Chatham Works offers the best overall fitness value on all of Cape Cod. (Shop around and you'll agree!)

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Our approach to Fitness emphasizes Functional Training, Group Exercise, and variety.

Here’s why ...

Functional Training → Train Like You Move

Functional Training emphasizes exercises that mimic how we move our bodies in real life. It's ideally suited to adults who want to improve their overall fitness and conditioning, and lose weight. But it's also a staple in the training regimens of many elite and professional athletes.

Group Exercise → It's Better Together

There is abundant research that shows that people who exercise in group settings have greater success in improving key measures of fitness, like enhancing their conditioning and losing weight; and stick with it longer.

Variety → Change is Good

Numerous studies have shown that having variety in a fitness regimen leads to a stronger commitment to regular exercise, and helps people achieve better results faster. Also, different approaches to exercise can produce different results.
Exercise drug

We believe that exercise truly is medicine.

The body of scientific evidence about the numerous and profound health benefits of regular exercise is nothing short of remarkable.

More visible goals like losing weight and getting more toned are obviously great motivations to work out. But for many of us, the benefits we can feel - stronger, more self-confident, less stressed, better rested, greater mental focus, stronger immune system, greater mobility, and better overall health - make a much bigger difference in our lives than what we look like in a bathing suit.

The effects of prolonged shutdowns over the past years have highlighted the importance of getting regular exercise - including for managing mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Research also shows that - as we age - exercise can be an extremely effective tool for preserving brain health and mental acuity, and helps us maintain bone density and ward off osteoporosis.

But in order to reap the reap the many benefits of exercise, you have to put in the work ... and do it consistently!

So we've worked hard to create a place where people will want to come exercise, and an environment where people feel encouraged to improve themselves, create and build relationships, have fun, and keep coming back for more.

Our Facility

Our facility features open spaces, abundant natural light and ventilation, and top of the line equipment.

We offer some of the latest technology like the Myzone heart rate monitoring system, and the InBody body composition analysis scanner.

In all, our facility will provide you with countless ways to challenge yourself, enhance your conditioning, improve your body composition, build strength, and increase your mobility and flexibility. (And have fun while doing it!)

And our flexible membership options offer a wide range of choices to help you find something that meets your individual needs and goals.

Our 1st Floor features:

  • a large turf Functional Training space with kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, landmines, and CrossCore suspension trainers
  • a Small Group Training area with interval oriented cardio equipment
  • dumbbells (up to 75#) and benches
  • a cardio area with 16 pieces of brand new, top of the line Precor networked cardio equipment with DirecTV on each screen

Our Ground Floor includes:

  • a dedicated stretching and mobility area
  • a lifting area with landmines, trap bars, and plates
  • a large multi-purpose Group Exercise space
  • the area's only dedicated indoor cycling studio, featuring 20 brand new, top of the line Precor Spinner Chrono Power bikes
  • lockers, showers, and changing rooms
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