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Challenge yourself, build strength, improve your conditioning and mobility, and have fun with Cape Cod's largest number and widest selection of group exercise classes ... all taught by our amazing instructors and trainers.

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Classes are included in our THE WORKS memberships.

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Depending on the season/weather, we also offer Outdoor Classes on our stadium quality outdoor turf.

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Our Group Exercise Class Options Include ...

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Our Team Training classes - BASE, BURN, & BUILD - are functional fitness, full-body workouts. You'll be coached by our Trainers and use a variety of equipment and your own bodyweight within a highly structured and fun - but challenging - group format. No two classes are the same, which helps keep things fresh and interesting. Best of all, every component of every class can be customized “on the fly” to accommodate each client.

  • BASE is a challenging full-body training program designed to help you establish a solid strength and conditioning foundation. It's what we recommend as a starting point for people who are newer to this approach to fitness. But it's by no means "a beginner's only class", and even the fittest participants will get a fantastic workout.
  • BURN is a high intensity combination of cardiovascular and resistance training with short rest periods that is sure to be a challenge to any fitness level. You’ll burn up to 1000 calories per training session (measured through our Myzone heart rate monitor system). And you’ll also benefit from a higher metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after the session is over!
  • BUILD is focused on strength training, working with heavier resistance but fewer reps helps you build lean muscle mass, build strength, and burn far without gaining bulk.
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Featuring the Lower Cape's only dedicated indoor cycling studio and top-of-the-line Precor Spinner Chrono Power bikes, Chatham Works indoor cycling classes are taught by some of the most experienced instructors on the entire Cape.

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Barre was invented in London in 1959 by an injured ballerina (Lotte Berk) by combining elements of her rehabilitative therapy and her ballet barre routines. It has evolved to incorporate Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training movements using the barre plus props like resistance bands, balls, yoga straps, and light hand weights. Set to fun music, it’s a full body workout that's known for its ability to engage deep muscles that can be hard to target with other types of exercise.

The movements might be small, but the burn you'll feel won't be! No ballet experience is required.

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We offer a variety of different styles of Yoga classes, ranging from gentle, restorative Vinyasa Flow to more intense and challenging Power Yoga. Check our schedule to find the option that best suits your goals and mood.

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Pilates is a full-body conditioning program focused on strength and toning, using your bodyweight and/or a variety of props (equipment). It employs rythmic functional movements to improve strength, flexibility, balance and control, and promote elongated and toned muscles.

Although it's best known for 1) developing abdominal and lower back strength to build a strong core, and 2) working smaller "accessory" muscles, it's also a great way to tone and strengthen your legs and arms.

Trust us that even if you regularly do strength training, taking just one class will quickly make you appreciate why Pilates is such a fantastic workout!

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We're huge fans of the Concept2 rowing machine here at Chatham Works. (We also happen to be one of the only places on the Cape where you can also find its siblings, the SkiErg & BikeErg.) But the rowing machine holds a special place in our hearts as one of the most versatile, effective, and unforgiving pieces of exercise equipment you'll find. So we work "the erg" into many of our Team Training classes, and also offer dedicated Rowing classes.

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Strength, balance, and stability are critically important for all of us in everyday life, and especially as we accumulate "trips around the sun". This class is specially designed to help seniors build strength, improve balance and stability, maintain and build bone density, and improve overall movement quality. It's also a great starting point for someone who is new to functional fitness, or who hasn't exercised in a while.

Exercises may include resistance exercises with hand-held weights and bands and bodyweight, stretching, and mobility and balance work - all in a fun, social setting.

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