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Bring yourself, something to drink, your mask*, and a mat and/or towel ... and of course your motivation! We'll provide the rest!

Chatham Works is currently offering safe, responsible, and *FUN* Outdoor Fitness classes.

Bootcamp, Tabata, and Toning & Conditioning

Offered Monday thru Saturday behind our building here at Chatham Works. (Click for Google Maps location)

The exact components of each class change daily, but they're full body, functionally oriented workouts. (Don't be intimidated that some are called "Bootcamps" - these are the fun kind!)

For equipment you'll use some combination of your bodyweight, plus dumbbells and resistance bands (provided by us), and sometimes hills. :) All equipment gets sterilized before and after each class. (Except for the hills. We can't sterilize those.)

Please check our class listings for availability and additional details.

Please note that ALL participants must:

  1. Sign our Waiver & Acknowledgement prior to arriving at the class location, which will be sent to you when you register for a class.
  2. Undergo a brief Screening process before each class to be granted entry.
  3. Comply with our policies regarding masks and distancing, and being a generally decent human being.

Anyone who is unwilling to cooperate or who does not pass the Screening process will be required to immediately leave the area.

Due to the Screening requirements we ask that everyone arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class.

For more information, please watch this video and read our FAQ's below.


These classes have been designed around and are compliant with the Massachusetts “Parks, Open Space, and Outdoor Education Best Practices” memo dated 5-18-20, and our Policies & Procedures for these classes were sent to and reviewed by the Town of Chatham Health Agent.

*Do I have to wear a mask?

Mask must be worn at the class site at all times before and after the class whenever you are within less then 10 feet of another person. Masks may be removed during the class provided you are 10+ feet away from any other participant or the Instructor.

What should I bring?

Please bring a suitable mask (as recommended by CDC), water, a towel, and identification. If you like you may also bring your own weights and/or resistance bands, a mat, and your MyZone heart rate monitor.

Can I bring my friend, child / family member, or pet?

Only registered participants are allowed to be near the class area. Please do not bring your child or pet.

Do classes run rain or shine?

We leave it up to our Instructors to make the call, but our general view is that a little rain never hurt anyone. (Lightning is a different story.) If a class is cancelled we'll inform you via text at least 30 minutes beforehand. Feel free to call us if you ever have any questions! 508-469-0123

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