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Are you recovering from an injury or surgery and want to transition back into a regular exercise program?

Has a nagging pain or "issue" impeded your progress towards your fitness goals, or made it difficult for you to engage in your favorite activities?

Do you have a chronic pain that you would like to learn how to manage?

Our Functional Physical Therapy services provide our clients with a safe and customized path to returning to an active lifestyle.

You'll start with a detailed Functional Diagnostic Consult to evaluate your needs, and a Treatment Plan to effectively address them.

Through 1-on-1 sessions, clients work with our licensed practitioners to rehabilitate, restore, and regain strength and mobility.

Our number one goal us to help you identify non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical approaches that can help you manage and mitigate your issue issue, and a plan to get you back on the path to resuming your favorite activities.

But if we're not able to help - or if our staff believe that your problem demands a more intensive medical solution - then we'll tell you that too. Because our one and only goal is to help you find the best path to where you want to be.

Our Functional Physical Therapists

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