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Why Body Composition Matters

The scale doesn't lie, however it can be misleading.

Muscle is far more dense than fat. So if you change your body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle, you may actually gain weight. Therefore it can be a mistake to focus solely on how much you weigh. It's what your body is actually composed of that really matters!

Also, even at rest a pound of muscle burns 2 to 3x more calories per day than a pound of fat. That's why strength training to develop lean muscle mass is often such an important component of fat loss. And that's another reason why understanding your body composition - and how it changes over time in response to your workout and nutrition habits - can be such a powerful tool.

The InBody 570 Body Composition Scan

In less than a minute, the InBody 570 will provide you with a results sheet that details not only your weight, but also your percent body fat, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and more. It even provides detailed analysis by body segment.

This will allow you to get an accurate body fat measurement that uses a formula of dividing body fat mass by your weight. This is more accurate than the body mass index (BMI) calculation of only height and weight, which can label people obese when they are not.

Your first InBody scan will provide you with an extremely insightful baseline that will tell you what you're body is made of now. That first scan can then serve as a baseline you can use to gauge your progress over time to see how your body is responding to your exercise and nutrition habits.

And it's completely non-invasive, with no pinching or prodding. All you need to do is stand there and the machine does the work.

How to Get Tested

Chatham Works is proud to be one of the only fitness facilities with an InBody on all of Cape Cod.

Annual THE WORKS members have one scan per quarter included FREE as part of their membership.

Personal Training clients are eligible to get one scan every 4 sessions.

Our à la carte pricing is shown below.

To schedule your InBody scan, please call us at 508-469-0123, email us at Or just come on in!

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Interpreting Your Results

Our knowledgable staff are here to help you understand your InBody scan results, and how to use that knowledge to develop fitness and nutrition plans to help you meet your goals.

But for the "DIY'ers" among you, here's a detailed breakdown on how to interpret your InBody scan results:

InBody 570 Results Interpretation

And here's some helpful additional background info: Body Composition 101

For the most accurate results, it is recommended that the following guidelines be observed:

• Hydrate well the day before
• Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test
• Do not eat for 3-4 hours prior to testing
• Do not exercise 6-12 hours prior to testing
• Do not take InBody Test after a shower or sauna
• Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing
• Ensure access to both feet with removable footwear (no socks or pantyhose)
• Do not wear jewelry- all jewelry will have to be removed prior to testing
• Measure after standing for at least 5 minutes
• For females, avoid having measurement during menstrual period as total body water will be higher than normal
Individuals with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices should not take the InBody Test

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