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We offer a variety of different pricing options and packages to help you find something that meets your needs and goals.

Whether you’re a life-long Cape Codder who seldom makes it over the bridge, a seasonal resident, or just in town for the weekend; a total gym rookie who wants expert guidance and motivation, a group exercise junkie, or an experienced workout fanatic who doesn’t need (or want) any help at all … we have an option that meets your needs.

(Looking for completely personalized coaching and instruction to help you meet specific goals? Click here for more information about our Personal Training options.)

Fitness Membership Options


If you like taking Group Exercise classes, our THE WORKS membership is hands-down the best deal around.

You get Basic Gym access, plus unlimited Indoor, Outdoor, and Video classes. We offer 35+ classes every week, and our options include Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates, and our signature functional Team Training classes.

Take a Team Training - BUILD class one day to focus on strength training, practice active recovery the next day by taking a Restorative Yoga class, and then work on your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning the next day in one of our Indoor Cycling classes. Throw in a rest day, and then come back in and workout on your own in Open Gym, or take a Video class from home.

The possibilities are endless. And you won’t have to open up your wallet every time you want to do something.

Plus Annual THE WORKS members get a bunch of other great benefits, including:

  • A Functional Movement Screen, so we can better understand how your body works - and whether you might have any issues we need to work on ... or work around.
  • A MyZone heart rate monitor, to help you keep motivated, track your workouts over time, and let you workout smarter and more safely.
  • Quarterly InBody body composition analysis scans, so you establish a baseline understanding of your body composition, and monitor your progress over time.

Go for it. You won't regret it!



Due to COVID we are not currently selling Single Indoor Class or Single Day Gym Passes. (For more details about our COVID related policies, please click here.) However we are currently selling:

10-pack of Class Passes

(Good for Indoor & Outdoor Classes. Expires after 3 months.)


10-pack of Open Gym Passes

(Expires after 3 months.)

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