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We offer a variety of different pricing options and packages to help you find something that meets your needs and goals.

Whether you’re a life-long Cape Codder who seldom makes it over the bridge, a seasonal resident, or just in town for the weekend; a total gym rookie who wants expert guidance and motivation, a group exercise junkie, or an experienced workout fanatic who doesn’t need (or want) any help at all … we have an option that meets your needs.

Fitness Membership Options


If you like taking Group Exercise classes, our THE WORKS membership is hands-down the best deal around.

You get Basic Gym access, plus unlimited Indoor, Outdoor, and Video classes. We offer 35+ classes every week, and our options include Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates, and our signature functional Team Training classes.

Take a Team Training - BUILD class one day to focus on strength training, practice active recovery the next day by taking a Restorative Yoga class, and then work on your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning the next day in one of our Indoor Cycling classes. Throw in a rest day, and then come back in and workout on your own in Open Gym, or take a Video class from home.

The possibilities are endless. And you won’t have to open up your wallet every time you want to do something.

Plus Annual THE WORKS members get a bunch of other great benefits, including:

  • A Functional Movement Screen, so we can better understand how your body works - and whether you might have any issues we need to work on ... or work around.
  • A MyZone heart rate monitor, to help you keep motivated, track your workouts over time, and let you workout smarter and more safely.
  • Quarterly InBody body composition analysis scans, so you establish a baseline understanding of your body composition, and monitor your progress over time.

Go for it. You won't regret it!

Short Term Options

Due to COVID we are currently only offering a limited range of shorter-term options. And we are not currently selling Single Indoor Class or Single Day Gym Passes.

However we are currently selling:

10-pack of Class Passes

(Good for Indoor, Outdoor, & Video Classes. Expires after 3 months.)


10-pack of Open Gym Passes

(Expires after 3 months.)


Single Outdoor Class Pass


5-pack of Outdoor Class Passes

(Expire after 3 months.)


Are you not able to make it in, but want to keep taking classes with your favorite Chatham Works Trainers & Instructors?

Stay healthy and active this winter by signing up for our Video Class membership, and get 20+ LIVE classes per week, plus access to unlimited on-demand classes! Click here for details.

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