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Fall Open House

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Come learn more about Chatham Works, why we're different, and everything we have to offer, and we'll give you a free* pass to come try us out on your own.

Due to COVID we ask that you please contact us to schedule your tour ahead of time. (See additional details below.)

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Tour our beautiful facility, meet some of our awesome Trainers & Instructors, learn about our COVID policies and procedures, explore our value-priced membership options, and see for yourself why we were named a 2020 "Best of Cape Cod" Gold Medal winner.

We'll give you a FREE InBody Body Composition scan (normally $35), plus a free pass to try one of our awesome Group Exercise classes (or a Gym pass if you're not interested in classes) so you can find out for yourself why our members love us so much. :)


Come tour our 2nd floor Workspace and learn about our Private Office & Open Seating options, and we'll give you a free Open Seating Day Pass to help you rediscover just how productive you can be in the right environment.

(*Must be able to prove that you're at least a part-time local resident in order to be eligible for free offers.)

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