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Get out of the house.

Regain your sanity.

Get. Things. Done!

Now - more than ever - it can be hard to find a good place to buckle down and do what you need to do.

Even in "normal" times, working from home isn't always everything it's cracked up to be.

If you're currently trying to share your home office with a spouse or have kids at home doing remote learning, you know that maintaining your focus, productivity, and sanity (not to mention family harmony) during these times can be a major challenge.

If you live and work alone, you might be craving a change of scenery and some human interaction.

Either way, just getting yourself set up with a work environment that's completely removed from your living space can lead to a subtle but profound shift in your approach to work (and life).

We can help.

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Workspace Designed to Meet YOUR Needs

Chatham Works' Coworking space is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, remote workers, road warriors, and anyone else looking for a place to be focused and productive.

We offer a convenient and reasonably priced place to get your work done, in an environment that affords opportunities for (prudent) networking and social interaction. (And, of course, an awesome gym right downstairs!)

Our space is clean, quiet, and minimalist. And with our capacity limited due to COVID, even our Open Seating options will provide you with ample space and privacy to let you focus on your work.

You'll get everything you need to set yourself up for maximum productivity. And nothing you don't.

★ NO fees for utilities or internet access.

★ NO need to provide your own furniture or office equipment.

★ NO long term leases.

Our Coworking Space Offers ...

Enterprise Grade Internet

Super reliable, crazy fast Wifi powered by a dedicated fiber optic connection from OpenCape.

Multiple Open Seating Options

Choose from table seating, cafe seating, two lounge areas, or secure your own lockable private office.

Human Interaction

Network and trade ideas with like-minded people! Forge new relationships with actual real live adult human beings!


Print, copy, or scan what you need, when you need to.

Three Phone Rooms

Open Seating members can conduct calls in private in our three dedicated phone rooms.

Complimentary GREAT Coffee

Unlimited joe from B Side Coffee Co., on the house.

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Work + Workout Discounts

All Coworking Monthly Members are entitled to receive a 20% discount on Fitness memberships! Click here for details ...

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Please note that we operate on a "first come, first served" basis, and we do *not* accept advanced reservations for workspace. Allowing people to pre-book our (finite) resources for visits during the peak summer months would prevent us to be able to bring in a longer term customer who would support our business year-round.

But if you're interested in being added to our notifications list, please contact us using the form below and describe what you're looking for. We'll add you to our list of interested parties and update you about possible options we can offer as we get closer to summer.

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