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February 2021 Myzone Challenge

Feb MZ News

Myzone is a really cool heart rate monitoring system we use here at Chatham Works to motivate our members and help them workout smarter and more effectively. (Click here to learn more.)

To give our community a little added incentive to exercise in February, we're giving every currently active Chatham Works member the chance to win up to 6 tickets for a month-end drawing. Here's the scoop:

Earn 1 raffle ticket for each of the following during the month of February:

#1 Week 1: earn 300 MEPs

#2 Week 2: earn 150 MEPs and attend a new class or Open Gym (if you’ve never done it).

#3 Week 3: earn 200 MEPs and share a workout to social media.

#4 Week 4: earn 250 MEPs

#5 Bring in a new (local resident) friend in to participate in a class or Open Gym workout. (Video members can have a friend receive a free Video Class pass.)

#6 Earning 1300 total MEPs during the month.

At the end of the month, we'll have a random drawing and three lucky winners will each receive a $100 Chatham Works Gift Card.

Have fun and get moving! : )

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