Our Concept & Our Values

The idea behind Chatham Works is simple. Our business is a combination of:

  • An awesome Fitness Center where you can take a wide variety of great classes, train with experienced and dedicated trainers, or come work out on your own in a beautiful, clean, modern facility.
  • A minimalist but highly functional professional Workspace, offering a mix of Private Offices and Open Seating to give you a flexible and reasonably priced place to get your work done.
  • A fun little Retail shop featuring top quality mens and womens activewear, select fitness and wellness related products, and other cool stuff we think you might like.

And it’s all under one roof in our clean, bright, beautiful custom designed building here in North Chatham.

There’s nothing like it anywhere else on the Cape. (Or anywhere else that we know of.)

All About People

Part of our goal is for Chatham Works to serve as a “third space”, where people can form new relationships and strengthen old ones through healthy, positive endeavors like taking care of their bodies, taking care of business, or both.

We’re very focused on being a year-round business and playing a positive role in our local community. But we also strive to have a “big tent” and be a melting pot of sorts, so “locals” and “seasonal visitors” alike are welcome. The vibe here is (genuinely) fun, friendly, and positive, and our members range in age from 18 to 80+.

New School + Old School

While the concept behind our business might be a bit forward-thinking, we’re very old-school in terms of our business values. Chatham Works was financed using a Small Business Administration loan (along with some of our own capital). So we're not beholden to any outside investors.

Our core operating mantra is “do the right thing”, and we try to abide by the golden rule in terms of how we treat our customers and staff. That’s just how we’re wired as people. But we also believe it’s the best way to earn and keep happy and loyal customers and staff.


A big part of our motivation for starting Chatham Works came from a pretty personal place. We both lost both of our parents way too young, and that caused us to think hard about a lot of things.

One was the importance of exercise in terms of overall health and wellness.

Another was that life is too short to not love both what you do, and where you live.

Our Mission

Chatham Works’ goal is to help you live a happier, healthier, and better life.

We don’t claim to have some secret formula that can make that happen for anyone who walks through our doors. But we think that by providing the right environment and a lot of the necessary ingredients - and especially a dedicated and experienced team - there is a kind of magic that can start to happen all on its own for people who are looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Over the last few years, it has been massively rewarding (and challenging) to see Chatham Works go from a crazy little idea to a real “thing” that has already had a profound impact on the lives of many people.

We hope you’ll consider joining us and becoming one of them!


Lindsay & Fred Bierwirth, Co-Owners

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