The CrossCore suspension trainer is a true fitness "swiss army knife". It's great for stretching, can be used to build strength in almost every major and minor muscle group in your body, and can also provide a great aerobic or anaerobic cardio workout.

Suspension Training is already used extensively by all levels of athletes because it's highly effective and extremely versatile.

CrossCore takes suspension training up multiple notches by incorporating a pulley. This adds instability, rotation, and dynamic tension to challenge your balance and core in a way that conventional - and better known - suspension trainers can't begin to match. It also makes it possible to perform a far wider range of movements than are possible with a regular suspension trainer.

While conventional suspension trainers only allow you to work on the frontal and sagittal planes of motion, the CrossCore pulley system allows you to also work within the transverse plane. That means means you can incorporate more exercises that require rotation. Rotation is a foundational movement pattern in just about every sport. It's also an important part of how we move in everyday life.

CrossCore can also be used to replicate a number of cable machine exercises by adding resistance - either weights or resistance bands - to one side. This means it can be used for a wide variety of weighted exercises like chops, presses, pull-downs, and a number of other compound exercises.

We're such big fans of CrossCore here at Chatham Works that we even had suspension trainer supports welded into the structural steel frame of our building. We also sell CrossCore units in our Retail space.

We use CrossCore extensively in all of our Training offerings (Personal, Small Group, and Team), and we also have offer CrossCore-specific group classes.

All of our Trainers are capable of showing you a wide variety of ways to incorporate CrossCore into your training. And two of our Trainers (Alex T. and Andrea C.) are CrossCore certified. So if you ever have any questions or want to learn more, please let us know!

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