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Mask Update Effective May 29th (FINALLY!)

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Starting on Saturday, May 29, based on guidance from the CDC, the Chatham Board of Health, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, fully vaccinated members and staff are no longer required to wear masks at Chatham Works.

Since even before the shutdown order last March, we have followed the science and worked hard to keep our members and staff safe. We’ve invested in cutting edge technologies like airPHX, made good use of our building’s many windows, and implemented strict policies and procedures.

We’re delighted to be able to say that - thanks to everyone’s mindfulness and cooperation - there have been a grand total of ZERO known cases traced to Chatham Works. And we want to keep things that way.

Here are the changes you can expect:


  • Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask.
  • Non-vaccinated individuals will need to continue wearing masks indoors.
  • We ask that everyone respect people’s choice to continue wearing a mask and not question their reasons.


  • We will discontinue all screening, but we ask and expect that people stay away if they are symptomatic, have had recent contact with a known or suspected case, or are awaiting the results of a test.
  • We will return to self check-in using the dedicated iPad at the Front Desk. As always, assisted check-in will also be available.


  • We will continue to maintain appropriate distancing, but over time it will be reduced and class sizes will increase.
  • We will continue diligent cleaning (as we have since we first opened for business in July of 2019). Although CDC has said that transmission rarely occurs via surface contact, we ask that everyone do their part by continuing to clean equipment before and after use using the wipes and other cleaning supplies we have available throughout the facility.
  • We ask that all staff and customers remain diligent about sanitizing / cleaning their hands, including when first entering the building.


  • Showers and lockers are available for normal use.
  • As of June 1st we will be discontinuing all Live Video Classes to make sure we’re focused on delivering the best possible experience for our in-person customers. This decision will only impact a handful of customers, and most of our Video-Only customers will be returning to in-person classes. Our OnDemand Video library of archived recorded classes will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, thank you - and congratulations - to all of our customers and staff. It’s been a long and trying road for all of us. Obviously we all need to continue to be smart and respectful. But it feels pretty fantastic that we’ve finally gotten to this point. The entire Chatham Works community deserves a tremendous amount of credit for helping to keep everyone safe.


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