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Getting a handle on your diet and nutrition should be your top priority in your approach to health, fitness, and overall wellness.

Here at Chatham Works we believe that we all deserve vibrant health and happiness, and that we can get there through an integrated fitness, nutrition and wellness plan.


Our approach is focused on working collectively to develop a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan designed for you and your individual needs.

Our goal is help you form and maintain healthier habits, driven by better decisions.

Everyone is different. So cookie-cutter approaches seldom work.
"Get-results-quick" diets invariably fail to deliver sustainable, long term results because they're impossible to maintain.
It's seldom as simple as just following a meal plan! Mindfulness, emotion, exercise, and lifestyle factors are a huge part of the battle.

Our Nutritional Expert


Mazie Hollenbaugh Nutritional Consultant

Mazie's approach to consulting is focused on meeting people where they are, and helping them learn how making small improvements in the many decisions we make every day can lead to significant positive change.

Get the tools and coaching you need to develop healthier habits and improve your quality of life.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

A detailed ‘Get Started’ manual with our nutrition and lifestyle guidelines for long-term health and wellness.

Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

Based on your unique needs, personal goals, and designed to fit the realities of your life.

Meal Planning Tool

Access to our powerful and highly customizable online and app-based meal planning tool to help you plan meals you'll actually enjoy eating.

Ongoing Accountability Tracking & Guidance

We'll help you keep on track with your Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan, monitor your progress, and optimize your plan by making periodic tweaks.

How It Works

Step 1: Commit to achieving your goals

Demonstrate your commitment to achieving for your lifelong health goals by signing up!

Step 2: Complete the Questionnaire

Help us understand where you are, and where you want to be so we can create a plan that's customized for you.

Step 3: Deep-Dive Discovery Session

An hour long in-person (or video) meeting to explore your specific needs and goals, and start to collaboratively map out your plan and how we'll work with you to help you execute it.

Step 4: Plan Creation

We review and analyze all of the information you've shared with us, and create a Nutrition and Lifestyle plan customized for you.

Step 5: Plan Delivery

A half-hour in-person (or video meeting) where we present your plan, make final tweaks, and establish a strategy to help keep you on track.

Step 6: Start!

(You can do this!)

Step 7: Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly check-ins to review how you've done with your nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Step 8: Monthly Review & InBody Scan

Monthly 45 minute meetings where we'll gauge your progress via an InBody body composition analysis scan, discuss how you've been doing, and identify opportunities for improvement.
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Mazie's standard availability for consults on site at Chatham Works is:

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10AM to 2PM, Wednesdays from 3 to 7PM.

To get started, complete the form below, or inquire at our front desk.

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