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Join us for this series of free Fitness & Wellness clinics, designed to help you achieve your goals, exercise safely, and get the most out of your workouts.

All levels are welcome!

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9/20 - 9:30am: Form is EVERYTHING! w/ John Gill

9/22 - 9:30am: Squats & Lunges w/ Amy Drew

9/26 - 12pm: Modifications for Seniors w/ Brittany Butler

9/27 - 8am: Pilates & Posture w/ Marie Senno

9/30 - 11:30am: CrossCore Trainer 101 w/ Jason Cartwright

10/5 - 5pm: Yoga Alignment w/ Ashley Woodworth

10/6 - 10:30am: What is your Core? w/ Amy Latham

10/10 - 9:30am: Using the Rowing Machine w/ Fred Bierwirth

10/11 - 5:30pm: Mindful Eating w/ Mazie Hollenbaugh

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