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Family chaos coworking 2021

Based on our current occupancy it's highly unlikely that we'll have any Private Offices available this summer. But we're happy to add you to the Private Office waitlist if you like.

Our Open Seating is a great fallback option, however. (And it's vastly better than trying to be productive in a busy household!)

Due to the volume of inquiries we're getting for Open Seating, and the fact that we'll likely still have capacity restrictions in place, we've decided to start accepting pre-booking for Open Seating for the summer. This will allow you to guarantee yourself a spot, and make it easier for us to manage capacity.

Please note that you must pre-pay, and all bookings must start on the 1st of the month and cover the full month. (No partial months or pro-rating.)

If these terms simply don't work out for you, you're welcome to inquire about availability when you get here.

If you'd like to pre-book (or be added to the Private Office waitlist), please start by contacting us using the form below, which will also create a profile for you in our system. You can also include any comments or questions. From there we'll contact you to answer your questions and secure your booking.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you!

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