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Personal Trainer

A Texas native, Jase is a former Marine who was attached to the Marine One Helicopter Squadron. Later, he found his calling as a coach and guide.

For the past 10 years has been a professional coach, be it training his fellow Marines, those in the corporate sector, and working for a variety of gyms around the country. He also was a trainer in the equine world, formerly training race horses as well as working ranch horses out west.

He has a passion for performance and health, and loves helping others achieve their greatest potential. He believes in "freedom through fitness" - the idea that everyone can gain their own freedom by empowering themselves with fitness.

Jase specializes in life performance training, coaching mostly functional fitness. His certifications include: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Kings Level 2, LivingFit Battle Ropes Master Coach, XPT Performance Breathing, TheReadyState, PaddleFit Pro, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.

Jase considers himself a "forever student", and especially in the science of movement and art of coaching as it is a continuous learning process and so continuing education is always in progress.

With an affinity for all adventure sports, you can often find Jase training for a paddleboard race or preping for an ice climb among many other endeavors.

Jase recently moved to Chatham with his fiancée and their daughter.

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