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Important Reminders 2022


Masks are optional at Chatham Works for those who are fully vaccinated, and mandatory for those who are not fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination is required to be exempt from the mask requirement.*

(*We are well aware that this policy may seem arbitrary to some, and may have limited scientific basis.)

The Chatham Board of Health rescinded their mandatory mask policy on 2/7/22.

Click here for our full COVID policies.

We recommend that you book using the Chatham Works app. Your username will be the email address that is associated with your account.

You may also book:

  • From the Class Schedule page on our website (using your email as your username).
  • Using the MindBody App
  • By calling us (508-469-0123), texting us (508-709-1401), or in person.

If you're coming in for a class, you can check yourself in using the iPad on the counter at our Front Desk.

If you're coming in for Open Gym, Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Consulting, Massage, or our Workspace, please check in verbally with our Front Desk staff.

We'd love to have your friend/relative join us!

They can purchase a single Class Pass or Gym Pass themselves, or ...

If you want to buy the pass for them, please create a profile for them in our system by completing this form, and then call (508-469-0123) text (508-709-1401) or email us, and let us know which class you're interested in.

★ Text START to 781-332-4043 to make sure you're set up to receive text messages for appointment reminders and waitlist notifications.
★ Please make sure your communication preferences are set up to receive account management, reminder, and newsletter communications via both text and email by logging into your profile here.

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Uninstall the app, reboot your phone, and reinstall the app.

2) If you still experience problems, clear your DNS settings by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings -->

  2. Select "Apps", and find the Chatham Works app -->

  3. Select "Storage" -->

  4. Click "Clear Cache"

[You may have to also “Clear Data”.]

We have two showers in our Ground Floor locker area. Please bring your own towel, and as is always the case when using a public shower we recommend that you wear sandals. (And that's a great reason to buy yourself a pair oof Oofos upstairs in our Retail shop!)

Sure! Just call (508-469-0123) text (508-709-1401) or email us, and let us know that time period you need the information for, and we'll get it right off to you.

Fitness Equipment & Resources

Precor machines
Getting Set Up on our Precor Cardio Machines

Learn how to:

Myzone profile
Myzone Heart Rate Monitoring System

Myzone helps you:

  • Workout smarter, harder, and more safely.
  • Track your individual workouts, and performance over time.
  • Stay motivated by providing instant feedback and rewarding your effort via a point system.

Click here for additional information and links to resources.

Click here to log into Myzone's user portal.

    Inbody profile
    InBody Body Composition Analysis

    Quickly and painlessly get a detailed analysis of your body composition, including not only your weight, but also your percent body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and more.

    Once you've established a baseline with your initial scan, you can track your changes (and progress!) over time and understand how all of your hard work has caused changes in key metrics in terms of your body composition metrics - not just your weight.

    Click here to learn more about the InBody and how we integrate into our offerings and our approach to overall wellness.

    Crosscore profile
    Crosscore Rotational Suspension Trainer

    CrossCore offers a huge improvement over the (already amazing!) concept of the suspension trainer by adding a pulley. This allows for far greater range of motion, and a wider range of exercise possibilities. It's also amazing for stretching!

    (We love it so much we even sell it in our Retail Shop.)

    Click here to learn more about CrossCore.

      Concept2 profile
      Concept2 Rower, BikeErg, & SkiErg

      Three extremely versatile pieces of equipment that are fantastic for both aerobic and anaerobic training, and building strength and stamina.

      Click here to learn more, including details about how to use each machine, and how you can use the Concept2 app and their online logbook to track your workouts and see how you compare to other users globally.

      Indoor cycling profile
      Indoor Cycling @ Chatham Works

      Click here to learn more about our classes and our awesome Precor Spinner Chrono Power bikes. And if you ever have any questions about bike setup and adjusting your fit, just let us know!

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