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Important Reminders 2022

(updated 9/9/22)

Maintaining the health and safety of our staff and members remains our #1 priority.

Making sure that people also feel safe while in our building is "mission critical" for our business. Therefore we will refuse entry to - or remove - anyone who is unwilling to abide by our policies.


If you are not vaccinated, we ask and expect that you please wear a mask while inside our building.

We are no longer requiring proof of vaccination, for the following reasons:

1) 99.5+% of the people who have entered our building over the past year have been able to provide proof of vaccination.

2) Research suggests that recency of vaccination / booster is highly correlated to efficacy. This begs the question of what actually qualifies as "vaccinated". We are not comfortable being in the position of making such determinations.

We will continue to "read and react" and make prudent policy changes as circumstances warrant.

★ ★ ★


If you have had COVID, we require both of the following before you can return to Fitness at Chatham Works:

1) Be symptom-free for at least 3 days, AND

2) Test negative.

We also strongly recommend that you get clearance from your physician before returning to exercise - particularly if you have any reason to believe you might be at risk for symptoms related to "long COVID" or myocarditis.

Reference Information:

- American College of Cardiology paper on return to physical activity for COVID patients.

- Five Things to Keep in Mind When Returning to Exercise after COVID

- "Long COVID" and Exercise

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