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Chatham Works offers Child Care for Chatham Works members and drop-in customers.

We offer a safe, friendly and child-centered room geared for children ages 6 months to 5 years old. Our child care center is equipped with its own private “kids only” bathroom, and our facility is nut free.

All of our Childcare staff are experienced and trained providers who have passed a CORI background check, and hold current CPR/AED certifications.

Our child care staff are enthusiastic, experienced, committed, professional, reliable and have a true love for children and child care.

Chatham Works’ Child Care will be offered Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

Members can use child care as often as they would like. Child care is an additional cost with a discounted rate for a second child.

Our Childcare Space

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Our childcare space offers a safe, fun location for your little one to play, rest, or learn while you workout or work.

Our space includes a variety of age-appropriate toys, and features a dedicated rest room.

Child Care Pricing

Daily Visit:

  • $8: one child per visit
  • $6: second per child
  • $4: third per child

Unlimited Monthly:

  • $50 For One Child
  • $75 For Two Children

Our Child Care Policies

Parents' Responsibilites

Parents/guardians must remain on the premises be immediately available to perform all caretaking tasks such as toileting, diapering, feeding and disciplining their children. Parents must be readily available and will be communicated with to inform them of their needed attention. Parents/guardians must agree that if they fail to comply with these conditions of child care, the program will not be able to provide child care services for the child.


Please keep your child at home for at least an additional 24 hours when he/she has been kept home or sent home from school for an illness, has been given fever reducing medications in the last 24 hours, has diarrhea or vomiting, persistent cough that disrupts his/her speech and/or behavior, has a fever above 99 degrees, is sick with a communicable disease (i.e. head lice, conjunctivitis). Upon reentry please provide a Dr’s non-contagion note or a cleared head check. Your child may not return until he/she meets mandated health policy requirements, consistent with those listed in neighboring school districts.

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