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The Newest & Most Modern Fitness Center on the Lower Cape is also the Best Overall Value in the Area

Chatham Works offers a wide range of fitness pricing and membership options to meet your individual needs. Whether you live here year-round, or you're just in town for the weekend ... we've got you covered.

Like many businesses, our pricing rewards customers who make a longer term commitment to us. And we're confident that our annual membership packages are by far and away the best value around - particularly if you enjoy taking a variety of group exercise classes.

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Our THE WORKS package offers:

OPEN GYM ACCESS so you can come in and workout on your own using our top of the line cardio machines, freeweights, and functional training equipment.


  • Our functionally based Team Training classes, based on programming from Alloy Personal Training Solutions
  • Barre, Yoga, Zumba, Mat Pilates, Tai Chi, CrossCore (similar to TRX, but far more versatile and more challenging!), plus more!

And if you sign up for our Annual THE WORKS package for just $109/month, you also get:

✪ A MYZONE MZ-1 HEART RATE MONITOR, which lets you monitor your workout real-time on TV monitors in our facility and using their app; track your workouts over time; participate in in-facility challenges; and share your workout data with friends and your trainer. Myzone helps you workout smarter and harder, and makes exercise more fun.

A Functional Movement Screen to identify flexibility/stability issues and muscular imbalances, which helps your work out smarter and more safely.

✪ Quarterly body composition analysis scans using our state-of-the-art InBody 570 body composition analyzer. In just 45 seconds you'll get a detailed report that will show you not just your weight and BMI, but also your muscle mass, bone mass, and body fat mass. The InBody scan is a powerful too to help you establish a baseline understanding of your body composition, and then track your progress over time to see how your exercise and diet changes your body composition.

✪ Two Small Group Training sessions with one of our knowledgable (and fun!) trainers.

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